February Newsletter

Dear Parent/Carer

After a well needed break I am back to preschool. Thank you to my team who pulled together to cover my hours; they have done an amazing job, as always :)

Winter, so far, has been disappointing, throwing lots of rain at us; we have explored puddles the rain has made and listened to sounds....splash, splosh, pitter, patter etc. I would really like some ice and snow but it looks as though we will be making this ourselves. However; our forest play has brought on lots of learning opportunities. We collected sticks and made stickmen, the pigs are having piglets; we are watching these grow and the children are using trees to climb, logs to balance on and crawled under wigwam tunnels. We have collected lots of ideas to bring back into the preschool to develop our outdoor area. Making our own wigwam tunnels, new logs to balance on and we will be starting developing our garden, the community centre have kindly given us the car park bed next to the play area to dig, explore and plant.

With the pigs growing we will be looking at sizes in the setting, we will be measuring the height of the children, shoe sizes and hand sizes. We will also be completing a colour hunt and looking at the number of letters in the children’s names.

Team News

Deb is doing a great job as Deputy and is currently finishing her safeguarding training. Jo Bennett has been promoted to Assistant Deputy and will be starting her safeguarding training soon. Jo Winter has been promoted to SENCO and will be first aid trained this month. Tanja will be starting her level 2 qualification shortly and Michelle is embracing all the challenges thrown at her that comes with being a preschool practitioner. I have the pleasure of heading this team and we thrive in new strengths that all the girls bring to the preschool.

Outdoor Area

We are ready to wrap up and get outside; please remember warm coats for outside. We will be starting science projects outside by leaving water trays out....what will happen?

Mobile Phones

Please do not use mobile phones in the pre-school setting; this is an Ofsted Safety Requirement, thank you.

Ange & the Pre-school Team!

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