Activities at our Pre-School

Aims of the day

At our Pre-school we try to introduce the children to as many different activities as possible.

We are very lucky because we have a very large hall which enables us to use large play equipment which includes:

Water Play

  • Slider
  • Tunnel
  • Parachute
  • Hospital and Ambulance
  • Shop
  • Bikes
  • Balancing Beam
  • Large Wooden Bricks
  • Rocking Boat

We also offer children, on a regular basis:

Duplo Train

  • Painting
  • Gluing
  • Home Corner
  • Dressing Up
  • Book Corner
  • Water
  • Sand and Dough

We also offer activities which enables them to obtain langauage and literacy skill also maths in a fun way.


Aims of the Day
At the start of each morning we all meet to call the register, discuss the weather and 'Aims of the Day'.

Water Play
Playing with water a fun way to learn volumes.

Rota Parents
Our Rota parents are always on hand to help children play.

Train Set
Our Duplo train is always a great success.

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